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Principles of Life

Quoted from UX Movement’s website:

"... principles are the fundamental ingredients in good design. Without the principles the design is lost. For example, a cup becomes a cup only when it’s designed using the principles that make up a cup. If you were to completely ignore the principles, the cup you design would not be a cup because it’s the principles that make the design work. And most of the time, these principles are not obvious to the naked eye, which is why many people ignore them when they design. Instead, they focus more on the creative aspects of a design. The creative aspects are important, but without the principles you lose the foundation and essence of what you’re designing."

Everything exists upon a principle – or a set of principles. The laws of the universe – Gravity, energy, motion, attraction, intention manifestation, etc. – when ignored, the designs of your creation simply fails.

This blog page lists the blog posts which explains the many principles concerned with life.

1. How to Persist
2. When to Give Up

1. How to be Strong
2. How to Let Go (Acceptance)
3. How to be Brave

1. What is Confidence?
2. How to Build Self Confidence

1. What is Positive?
2. How to be Positive (A simple and direct answer)
3. How to be Positive (When you're feeling negative)

1. What is Planning

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