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My Recent Weekend Schedule


6.00am – Rise and Shine BABY!
6.05am – Shower + put on workout clothes
6.20am – Protein Shake (Herbalife) + A Glass of Water
6.30am – Workout Begins: Brisk Walk toward “The Grocery Store”
7.05am – At “The Grocery Store”, load up on Tuna, Sardine, Onions and Oranges
7.15am – Brisk Walk home
8.00am – Organize the goods and drink plenty of water
8.05am – Clean + Wash Kitchen floor
8.30am – Mop the 1st Floor: Living Area + Bedrooms.
9.00am – Rest Slot: Workout complete, drink plenty of water
9.05am – Back into the shower!
9.25am – Too much workout causes hunger, TIME TO COOK BREAKFAST!
10.05am – LET’S FEAST (Not too heavily!)
10.40am – Time to do the dishes and clean the table.
10.42am – Rest Slot, and time to check if the schedule is effective.
10.50am – Sit down, meditate to garner complete focus on the next task.
11.40am – Rest Slot (5 minutes)
11.45am – Continue with Blogging!


12.30pm – Rest Slot (5 minutes)
12.35pm – Continue Blogging!
1.20pm – Time to do the laundry!
1.30pm – Take a short afternoon nap to recharge for the rest of the day.
3.00pm – Time to dry the clothes!
3.20pm – Light lunch. Menu: Tuna or Sardine sandwich!
3.45pm - Take a lukewarm bath to freshen myself up again.
4.00pm – Review the financial performance of my two stocks.
5.00pm – Read up on investing + business news of the week.
6.00pm – Take an evening stroll with wifey
6.45pm – No Plans Here (Open Slot)


8.00pm – Supper… Fruits!
8.15pm – Saturday Night Movie!
10.00pm – Bedtime.

This was one of my MOST PRODUCTIVE Saturdays ever! It felt good, the work outs made my lifestyle an active one! The cleaning schedules keep my home neat, tidy and comfortable to walk around :)

The cooking and meal schedules enable me to relieve tension (I heard cooking reduces stress). I had three slots for blogging which enabled me to work continuously without stopping (aside from those 2 rest-slots in the middle) because I knew this was the only time for my writing.

I also had time to finish up the week’s chores – laundry, so that was cool too. The afternoon nap was fantastic since I had already burned lots of brain and muscle energy by mid-day. The light lunch and lukewarm bath re-energized me for Round-2 of the day, and this helps me stay awake while reading (something I’m not too good at: I always fall asleep when reading).

Evening stroll with wifey also relieves stress :) And just before the end of the day, I had some time for leisure as well: MOVIE! Sunday's schedule was just a little different as below.


7.00am – Rise and Shine!
7.05am – Shower + freshen up
7.20am – Breakfast first! Menu: Egg Sandwich + Black Mocha
7.30am – Feast!
7.45am – Do the dishes.
8.00am – Straight to blogging!
8.50am – Rest Slot (10 minutes)
9.00am – Continue with blogging!
9.50am – Rest Slot (10 minutes)
10.00am – Continue with blogging!
10.50am – Rest Slot (10 minutes)
11.00am – Back to the shower and a change of clothes
11.30am – Leave home for the Supermarket!


1.00pm – Time to cook lunch!
1.45pm – LET’S FEAST!
2.15pm – Do the dishes…
2.30pm – No Plans Here (Free Slot)
5.00pm – Evening stroll (with Wifey)
6.00pm – Shower and clean up
6.15pm – Internet Surfing (Read up on latest World News)


7.00pm – No Plans Here (Free Slot)
10.00pm – Bedtime

How does your weekend schedule look like? :)



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