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Scheduling Tips for Beginners

Schedule in accordance to your preference. What would like to do in the morning? And in the afternoon? In the evening? And at night? Doing things during different times of the day can produce different types of feeling

Then balance your preference against your priorities. Some things may be preferred but some things are more important. Ensure that the things of importance to you are included in your schedule, such as working out, building a passive income stream, or reading, etc.

Start your schedule at the earliest possible time. In my experience, starting early is always good (not too early of course!) as my first-thing-in-the-morning energy levels at its best.

Never attempt to schedule long hours for a single activity. I find it more effective if I ‘dissect’ a time consuming activity into several smaller tasks. My rule of thumb is: Anything that takes longer than 2 hours should be dissected.

Don't worry about how long a task may or may not take. As first timers, we can only estimate the time needed to complete a task. Slowly, you'll be able to better grasp how much each activity consumes and you can tweak your schedules better. Only with experience can we time our tasks perfectly. So don’t sweat it, just make a "guestimate"!

Also include "rest slots". These are extremely useful; a rest slot of 5-10 minutes between each activity is usually good enough. If your activities are longer, you can opt to use 10-15 minutes rest slots. These short breaks give your brain time to relax before switching your focus and devoting your full attention towards the next task.

If you run out of ideas for things to do, don’t despair. It happens. In my case, I was more than happy to leave a few hours open as "Free Slots" where I'm able to do whatever I feel like. Sometimes, certain things in your schedule will tend to take up more time, particularly when you are fully immersed in the euphoria of the activity. Free Slots can act as cushions.

To know if your schedule is on the right track, just keep Benjamin Franklin's words in mind: "Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time."

Go PLAN and LIVE your dream lifestyle!! :)



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